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TOTAL is proud to support the Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS) 40th Anniversary celebrations.

CASS is a Not-for-Profit Organisation that caters to culturally specific residents receiving residential and home-based aged care, childcare and NDIS support. Its mission is to provide high quality and diversified services to their client base.

Over 40 years, CASS has dedicated itself in serving the multicultural community, growing from a concept to a renowned social and community services provider, to currently serving over 3,500 families each week in Metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong.

CASS provides a very comprehensive range of services and activities, including residential aged care, home ageing services, disability services, childcare services, settlement and health services, activities for elderly people, Chinese language classes and many more. CASS is well regarded in the community and amongst all levels of Governments.

CASS provides this support 24/7 with a focus on the Chinese community living in their friendly home-like environments. Cass recognises home is “your” safe place, a space that works for the individual, where that person can find nurture, can relax, and can find safety all within the comfortable environment allowing their care recipient to gain access to daily support more easily.

TOTAL is proud and excited to partner with CASS to assist their residents in their homes to achieve their goals, increase their independence, and to live full and productive lives.

On the occasion of the CASS 40th anniversary TOTAL was equally proud be a major sponsor of their celebrations.

Steve Taylor Managing Director of TOTAL said

“We at TOTAL have great respect for CASS and its vision of providing quality services for people of all ages, from newborn to late life, from able bodied to disabled. We see these ambitions with the highest level of respect.  In addition, we were particularly taken by the fact that many of the CASS Core Values align with our own, with some examples of key word alignments being:

Commitment, dedication, innovation, collaboration, teamwork, communication, excellence and determination, acceptance and inclusion, motivation, and passion!

With such an alignment of values it is only fitting that as businesses we come together to celebrate your 40th Anniversary”

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