Project Specifications

Department Of Education, Training & Employment (DETE)

$4.8 million

Kedron, Queensland

January 2020

Construction of a new GLA & Administration Building


This 3 storey building comprises of a combination of the new school administration area on the ground level and 8 GLAs & 2 OLA over Level 1 and Level 2. The total floor area is over 1,500m2. The structure is made up of concrete columns, structural steel and suspended concrete slabs. The external finishes are varied and made up of brickwork, Com Tex & Exo Tec CFC cladding, aluminum batons, glazing, louvres and sunhoods.


As this was a live school and this project was constructed close to the main entrance, it was a requirement that the facility remain operational at all times during construction works. lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) implemented a number of our education specific procedures which included daily communication between lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠)’s Site Manager and the school management. This communication was essential to avoid any risk to the health and safety of the students, staff and general public and ensure the smooth delivery of the project.


Site establishment and management plans were drafted in negotiation with the school and DoE prior to project commencement. This included ensuring that contractors’ access was at all times separated from the main routes of travel within the school. Noise and dust controls were in place at all times. All of our deliveries were off a main commuter road which meant that the programming of concrete pours and bulk deliveries had to be timed to avoid undue disruption. As the entrance and adjacent Fig trees were designated heritage sympathetic, it required careful planning of our construction methodology to ensure that we were at all times compliant with the relevant heritage requirements.

Project Contact

Simon Hinneberg
General Manager QLD

Simon has broad experience delivering a wide range of commercial and industrial projects. Prior to establishing the lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Construction Queensland office in 2010, he held senior management positions throughout Australia and overseas within international construction and development organisations delivering numerous high-profile projects. He has a thorough understanding of the commercial and technical aspects of construction methodology and possesses exceptional communication skills.

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