Project Specifications

Marque Property Holdings

$2.9 million

Matraville, New South Wales

September 2018

Construction of six high end industrial units.


lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Construction has been awarded the contract for the design and construction of 6 ‘high end’ industrial units in Matraville, NSW for Marque Property Holdings.

The project scope comprises the construction of 6 industrial units employing pre-cast construction with high end finishes. The finishes include polished concrete, timber cladding, paving and an expansive use of glazing which will allow a penetration of natural light into each of the units to soften the industrial tones.

The development targets a niche market for boutique warehouse spaces for a more sophisticated clientele.


The site is very tight and it will be completely built out with the development. To counter this, our team has developed a building methodology and program to ensure that access remains viable at all times.

Project Contact

Steve Taylor
Managing Director (Founding Shareholder)

Steve is a founding shareholder of lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Construction. Equipped with a carpentry trade background and extensive experience with design and construct projects across all sectors of the building industry, Steve has been a driving force behind the company’s growth and success. With the appointment of a Chairman and CEO, Steve now focuses on the continual development of a successful and sustainable strategy for the business. He also plays a key role in providing leadership for the overall development of the company through strategic marketing, client relationships and procurement. Steve is based in Sydney where he has the overall management in NSW.

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